How green is your school

Here pupils can add resources that they create for Task 2 of this project about how environmentally friendly their school is.

This is a short presentation of our school with a particular attention to the "green" space in it (which is not very comforting...).

That's just a little about our school.

Publiczne Gimnazjum im. Andrzeja Ruszkowskiego w Złoczewie

Here are some presentations about Ian Ramsey School and how "green" we are...

School Gheorghe Titeica, Constanta, Romania has added a presentation of the school and we are proud to present you a new number of the school magazine named School Years and a few of the activities we included in it:we have some materials on pollution with a picture story and poems written by our students, a study visit to a site in our district where students accompanied by the biology and chemistry teachers took some samples of water in the Danube, one of the biggest rivers in Europe that flows into our Black Sea through a Delta. They wanted to see just how dangerous that water has become both for animals and humans too.

Here is a presentation of our school and how green we are too !