The Schools

Here you can find out a little bit about the schools taking part in this project

Ian Ramsey School
Ian Ramsey CE School is a Secondary school in Stockton-on-Tees in the Northeast of England. We are a Church School and a Language College. There are 1200 pupils at Ian Ramsey. We like to work with schools from all over the world and have projects with school in the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Spain and Greece. We are also raising money to help a school in Lesotho, Africa.
You'll find out more about our school by looking at the work that our pupils do in this project.

Gheorghe Titeica School, Constanta, Romania

Our school is really great, and I am not saying that because I teach here, but also because I used to study here, some years ago. It has a history of 35 years and many brilliant minds and tallented gymnasts and sportsmen passed here over time.
There are about 800 students aged between 7 and 15, learning here now and 40 teachers and other types of personnel.

We are involved in lots of activities and all teachers and students have a contribution to the good name of our school. Our school has a cultural Comenius project in development, as well as a series of partnership agreements with scientific, social and cultural institutions.
As we live on the Black Sea Coast and in the neighbourhood of one of the biggest rives in Europe, we are interested in working together on a project regarding saving our planet and especially the marine world and protecting the endangered species.
Our students are well organised and informed by dedicated teachers, some of them being: Dorina Foroglu( Science); Cici Iordache( biology); Emilia Cadar( computers and technology);Adina Netedu ( English).
We have some experience in developing projects, but we are looking forward to working with you and making a difference!


Publiczne Gimnazjum im. Andrzeja Ruszkowskiego w Złoczewie

It's a lower-secondary state school in Złoczew in the centre of Poland.
There are 359 students attending our school, aged between 13 and 16 years old.
We have got no experience in running etwinning projects so far, but we will do our best to make this project successful.

Collège Pierre Darasse, France

We are a secondary school in a small town called Caussade in the South West of France. We have 7OO pupils in Pierre Darasse School aged 11 to 15. Our pupils all study two foreign languages: they all take English and then they choose German or Spanish. We have been involved in successful school exchanges for a couple of years now with Spain, Germany and England and we are really glad to take part in this new type of project . It is a very interesting challenge and we will do our best to make it successful !

Scuola secondaria di primo grado "Ettore Romagnoli" Gela (Italy)

Our school is situated in the south of Italy, in the region of Sicily, on the coast. It is a big school, hosting about 800 students aged from 11 to 14. They learn two foreign languages, that is English and French or Spanish. Some of them attend a special music course and they learn how to play some music instruments: all together they form our school orchestra, the Ensemble. We have experienced the Comenius project and have worked with many countries in Europe. Now I would like our students to get a new challenge to discover the importance of taking care of the environment.



Our school is in the south part of Turkey, very close to the Mediterranean coast.We have 500 satudents in our school.Their ages range from 7 to 14.They learn only English as a second language.It is a kind of small local state school.We have no experience about these projects,we would like to experience it and do our best to be successful in this project.