Here you can meet the teachers involved in this project.


Mrs. Butterfield

18072008129.jpg Hi my name is Mrs. Butterfield and I teach French, German and Spanish at Ian Ramsey CE School in Stockton-on-Tees in the northeast of England. I am working with my Tutor Group 9A on this project and I hope that they will enjoy the challenge. I think that it is really important for us to be able to meet and work with people from other countries and cultures to help us better understand ourselves and our world!
The environment is very important to me and my family. We recycle as much rubbish as we husband even takes all of our cardboard, plastic bottles and garden waste down to the local recycling centre in Billingham, as our local council does not collect it. It is essential that we look after our planet for our future generations.
(ps. I'll change the picture as soon as I can!!!)

Hello, my name is Miss Rzepecka and I teach English at Publiczne Gimnazjum im. Andrzeja Ruszkowskiego
in Złoczew, which is located more or less in the centre of Poland. I'm going to work on this environmental project
with my students from the third grade, hoping they will have a good time while cooperating with their friends from
other countries, and learning how to take care of our planet.
I strongly believe that the project will help to build ecological awareness among the local society,
and make the students more sensitive to global and local environment protection problems enriching
their knowledge about other cultures and developing language skills in English at the same time.


Hello !
My name is Christine Raynal and I teach English at Collège Pierre Darasse in Caussade, a small country town in the South West of France. I plan to work on this project with my year 9 group and hopefully they will enjoy sharing their work with other European pupils and eventually make lots of new friends.
I like the idea of sharing our work on this topic with partners from other European countries. It seems to me an excellent way of improving our knowledge on each other's environmental problems, and having our pupils to become more aware of how important it is to take care of our planet, and of course developing their skills in English.
We are very lucky, we live in the country with beautiful landscapes but that doesn't mean we have no problems !

Hi! I'm Tiziana and I teach French in a secondary school in Gela. I live in the very South of Italy, just opposite to Africa! I work in a school where teachers are enthousiastic about new challanges. We have worked on 2 Comenius projects in the last years, which made our students so happy because they could "meet" new people and be learners in a different way. We enjoyed the experiences, of course, and we would like to build new (virtual) relationships and make new friends. I hope this time we can arise in our students the awareness that living in a tidy place means taking care of oneself as well.In the picture, you can see me as I would always like to be: on holiday!
Paris by night....

Image00207.JPG Hi,
My name is Mustafa and I am an English teacher at a state primary school in ceyhan/adana,Turkey. My school town is very close to the Mediterranean coast and the same distance to Adana, one of the biggest cities.I try to mean that we are very very hot in summertime. I plan to work on this project with students from different grades(especially 7th-8th). They are already very enthusiastic about the idea of project. The project would be great chance for my students to share a common subject with the other cultures and help them make new friends who are physically the same but culturally, We are going to reveal our interest about our environment. The world is constantly changing around us,we should need to be more aware of that the world running out all kind of sources particularly in nature.

Hi, everybody!
I am Adina, an English teacher who lives in Constanta, a city on the Black Sea coast. As I mentioned in the school presentation, I am now a teacher in the same school where I was once an ordinary student... not that I am ordinary, or relaxed! No, I am an extremely active person who cannot live without working on something or planning something! I love my school, I love English and music and I am quite good with children: I have a little girl myself, her name is Amanda and she is 3 and 7 months old. I have some experience with international projects as I was involved in a Comenius project 5 years ago and right now our school is developing another on cultural exchange with 6 other countries. As a teacher I am quite familiar with students of all ages since I have taught all levels, including little kidergarten children, primary and secondary school students 6-15 years old, and adults in college too. I am interested in this project because I am worried about the future of my child and the human tendency to destroy in a pursuit of knowledge and happiness.Hope we can really make a difference!